Welcome to Scamps & Scholars Childcare.

Welcome to Scamps & Scholars

Killorglin Community Childcare Centre CLG is a modern childcare facility that can cater for children from 6 months – 12 years. We offer infants (6months), Wobblers (1-2 years), Toddlers (2-3 years), Preschools (3-5years) and afterschool services (6-12 years). We are fully insured and registered with TUSLA. We pride ourselves on not only meeting the regulatory standards required but surpassing them to give our customers the experience that they deserve. We are progressive and always looking for ways to improve the service and we have a great partnership with the families that utilise our services. We are a charitable and not for profit organisation which means that all our effort goes into meeting the needs of the children and families that engage our services. It also means that we can provide childcare which is, in a broad sense, quality and affordable childcare.

Scamps & Scholars Kids Talk TV!

Kids Talk TV is our new initiative involving the children of Scamps & Scholars answering the questions of life such as - what’s the worst smell in the world? What colour is the Wind? Who’s the better driver, mum or dad?

You can check out all our previous episodes by clicking the button below.

Some of our Services.

Scamps & Scholars Childcare Killorglin


1-2 years & 2-3 years

At Scamps Camps your child is our primary concern. We have, over the years, garnered broad experience in ensuring that your young children are cared for and allowed to develop in a comfortable, safe and social environment.

Scamps & Scholars Childcare Killorglin


5-10 years

Children from 5 to 10 years of age are collected from local schools by staff & provided with hot meal & afternoon activity programme in an environment suitable to their needs, suitably equipped & with a diverse range of activities.

Scamps & Scholars Childcare Killorglin


3-5 years

Pre-school starts at approximately three years of age. Our trained pre-school carer's develop each child’s reading, writing & numeracy through our extensive curriculum & development programmes but they also look at the “whole child” development which encompasses social, caring & a range of life skills.

What we are about

At Scamps and Scholars we recognise that each child is an individual & we watch this flourish through all their developmental stages of their early years.
In doing this we prepare them with the tools and skills necessary for every day life.

About Scamps & Scholars

Scamps & Scholars Childcare Killorglin

We at Scamps and Scholars always ensure that each child who enters our door is cared for and cherished, as all children should be. We strive to provide an environment where we respect individuality, educate and care for each child. In doing this we prepare them with the tools and skills necessary for every day life. Killorglin Community Childcare was established in 1998, was set up to meet the growing demand for quality and affordable childcare in Killorglin Town and the surrounding area.


The facility can cater for 210 children across 6 different sectors / age groups – Infants, Wobblers, Toddlers, pre-school and afterschool services. Scamps and Scholars employ’s 34 people in various capacities including Early Childhood Educators, Kitchen staff, administrative staff and care taking staff.


The Centre is fully registered with the TUSLA and works closely with numerous government departments.

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